Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Week Today

I’m starting university a week today. Well, that might not be strictly true. I can say that I’m moving into my university accommodation and that this signals the start of Freshers Week but the nitty gritty of university? That probably won’t be starting for a couple of weeks.

Still, moving out of the parental home and being in charge of my own shopping, cooking, clothes washing, budget and overdraft is a big enough step for the time being. The independent studying and freaking out about not being able to get good enough at Danish is two years to be able to study in Danish in Denmark in year three (Okay. Breathe), can come later. Well, a week later.

Weird thing is, the first step doesn’t really scare me that much. Maybe it will the day before or when I get there or maybe never. I feel like I’ve been preparing for independent living for this past year and, whilst not always entirely successful (okay mostly not), it’s made the whole ‘moving out of home’ thing far less scary. That and the fact I’m only moving two hours away by train. Having visited London for day trips twice in the past month, the proximity and the relative familiarity has taken the edge off the nerves.

What I am getting stressed out about is being under-prepared. I don’t even really know what I mean when I say that. Maybe it’s that I haven’t really done much packing or that I haven’t finished reading two library books due back on Friday or that I haven’t finished my dress for Comic Con (I need to do it before I go because I’m not going to have a sewing machine/time at uni). Maybe it’s just displacement because I really am worried about moving but I’m distracting myself with all these perceived preliminary tasks.

I am so so so SO excited about going to uni and beginning my course. I am so excited about being in the middle of London with everything on my doorstep. I am so excited about meeting people from all over the world and from diverse cultures. I am so excited about sharing a room with one of my best friends. I am so excited about going to seminars. I am even so excited about writing my first essay.

So, with just a week to go before I’m off, I best stop writing this and carry on with all the things I have to do.

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