Hello, reader of this page.

My name is Rachel, I'm British and 21 years old. I'm about to start my 3rd year of my undergraduate studies in BA Viking & Old Norse Studies (with Danish) with UCL, which happens to be my year abroad at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark...

Yep, I'm about to embark on one of the scariest things I've ever done, i.e. moving to whole other country, with it whole other language, and attempt to study, socialise and work in that country and language for about 10 months, all whilst only being taught this language 4 hours a week in term time since September 2014.

Yep, I feel a bit loopy about the whole thing.

So, as a coping mechanism as much as anything, I'm going to use this blog as a record of all this craziness. Come on this wacky year with me!

So, if this hasn't put you off, dive right into The Vaguley Interesting Thoughts of a Person: a shout into a void. I hope I'm not alone in this.

Over and out.

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