Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ten Things that I Fear

SO maybe not the most uplifting first post but just some thoughts I was having last night....

1) I'm nineteen and hate the fact I only have a few months left of being a teenager. I fear I've wasted my teenage years.

2) I am at once unbelievably excited about growing up and unbelievably petrified.

3) My biggest fears are loneliness, car crashes, never falling in love and never realising any of my dreams. Unfortunately these are all things that are likely to happen to me.

4) My degree choice is obscure and I'm worried it won't get me a job.

5) Me and my best friend are going to the same university but I still worry that although being there together we'll drift apart as we meet new people.

6) The number of people on my chosen uni course is tiny and I'm afraid that I won't get on with any of the other people on it or, if I do, that I won't be good friends with any of them.

7) In exams I have to check I've written all the information (centre number, candidate number, question number, date etc.) correctly about four times before I can hand it in and even after that I fret about it until the results are announced.

8) I fear that I'll read something amazing but somehow forget about it and I'll have lost out on the joy of it.

9) I fear that I'm a mean person for finding people annoying when they can't help it and that I'm an unforgiving person for for finding them annoying when they can help it. I also find myself annoying at times and worry other people do too.

10) I worry that people I love won't be happy and that they'll be nothing I can do to help.

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